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Manage your vagrant machines in one place with Vagrant Manager for OS X.

One place. All access.

Vagrant Manager Menu

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Fall in love with Vagrant Manager. Never before has managing your Vagrant Machines been so easy.

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We've covered all bases.

Indicators for running/halted VM's

Vagrant Manager shows you which VM's you have up or halted. VM's that are running, have a green indicator, VM's that are off, display a red indicator.


Execute vagrant commands

After hovering over your target VM, select a vagrant command to execute.


Detailed & Customizable

Through the preferences pane, you can adjust and configure Vagrant Manager to suit your unique environment. The Details pane displays information about your VM.


There's nothing like it.

Only Vagrant Manager centralizes your VM's into one, easy to use, easy to configure utility. Download Now! and Donate if you would like to help support us.